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Access-MySQL is an effective tool to convert Access to MySQL server and vice versa , supporting
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17 January 2007

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Need to convert your MS Access database to MySQL or the other way round? Want an automated and easy to use way out? Try Access-MySql Converter. This automated conversion tool has all the traditional conversion features and supports Table Relationships as well. Something that other convertors do not do. Further, Access-MySQL Converter also gives the user a granular control over the conversion process and allows for Command line support, selection of fields, scheduling of conversion tasks, renaming of tables during conversion, and many such advanced features.

Moreover, the Task Manager feature of the Access-MySQL Converter allows you to save your conversion tasks for later use and manage and view these saved conversion projects anytime you want to. Also, the enhanced logging capabilities of this software help you to keep track of all your conversion tasks. Further, you can convert an entire database or overwrite a few records in an existing database by using this software. You can also choose to append your tables to the existing database. Conversion of table structure and data or only table structure is possible with this software. The Access-MySQL Converter also gives you the option to select only a few fields in each table and convert them. You can also filter the information in the database and get just the data you want by creating custom data filters to convert only those records that meet the filter criteria you have set for the database using the Data Filters. Also, the software lets you choose the format of the resulting Access database from one of the following formats: 97, 2000-XP, or 2003. Therefore, the Access-MySQL Converter with its Table Relationships support and custom data filters deserves a rating of 3.5 out of 5.0. Try using it and you are sure to rejoice the experience.

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Access-MySQL is an effective tool for data conversion from MS Access databases to MySQL server and vice versa , supporting many advanced features like , the ability to select certain number of tables from the source database and moreover there is an ability to select certain number of fields from each table, converting relationships between tables , command line support, and scheduling of the conversion tasks to be performed automatically. Main Features: 1) Supports MS Access 97,2000,XP, 2003 and MySQL 4.x, also tested successfully against MySQL 5.0.0a-alpha . 2) All common MySQL and Access data types and field attributes are supported. · 3) Task Manager allows you to view and manage your saved conversion tasks. 4) 4)Data Filters that enables you to easily create custom data filters to convert only records that apply to those filters. 5) Convert Table Relationships. 6) Support for Synchronization, Adding new records or fields if any to the target database. This keeps your source and target databases coherent and up-to-date. · 7) Support for scheduling of conversion tasks to be performed automatically. 6) Support to choose target table type for MySQL. MyISAM, InnoDB, Heep, ISAM or BDB table types are supported. 8) Full support for converting indexes, Auto increment fields, composite primary keys and constraints. 9) The ability to select only the tables you want to convert. 10) The ability to select only the fields you want to convert for each selected table. 11) Support for Renaming Tables during conversion . 12 Support for converting NULL values to "Zeros" for numeric fields and to Empty string "" for text-based fields. · 13) Support for changing "Date/Time" fields data type when converting from Access to MySQL. "DateTime","Date","Time" and "Year" data types are supported. 14) Command line support . · 15) Support for change Access fields character case in the target MySQL database.
Access-MySql Converter
Access-MySql Converter
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